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Chattanooga, TN For the third time in six days, the Chattanooga Salvation Army is preparing its Emergency Services Canteen to respond to a call for disaster relief.  This time, The Salvation Army Disaster Response Team based in Cleveland is awaiting word on the extent of damages and services needed following a severe thunderstorm that left thousands without power in the Chattanooga Area.

Salvation Army Spokesperson, Kimberly George, said, “We are waiting for the call from Hamilton County Emergency Management.  We’ve been told twenty-thousand to thirty-thousand local families are without power due to the storm.  Our team and canteen, really a mobile kitchen, are ready to go.”

The Salvation Army mission during a disaster is to care for the hydration and food needs of those affected including the emergency rescue and recovery workers.  The Disaster Response Team also ministers to the spiritual and emotional needs of those at the emergency site and provides clean-up kits if these are needed.

In Chattanooga last Wednesday, The Salvation Army Disaster Relief Team was called to assist at the Jaycee Towers because a downtown water main break left residents without water service for several hours.  The Army Team served nearly 600 bottles of water to the affected residents.  Then, on Friday, the Emergency Services Canteen was placed on standby to go to the site of expected severe weather along the Tennessee-Kentucky state’s line north of Crossville.

To donate to the relief efforts, go to www.SalArmyDC.org and designate your gift to Chattanooga Disaster.

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