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Demolition Begins at The Salvation Army Port-au-Prince Compound

In just two weeks, these long-standing Salvation Army structures will be leveled to make way for significant rebuilding


 Port-au-Prince, Haiti – Demolition begins today at The Salvation Army’s Delmas 2 compound. Over the next two weeks crews will tear down all of the buildings at the Port-au-Prince location with the exception of the temporary classrooms, kitchen, and the old College Verena, where the primary healthcare clinic and school administration offices are now housed.

“For more than 60 years, The Salvation Army has been housed in these buildings on Delmas 2. That all changed on January 12, 2010,” said Major Ron Busroe, Haiti Recovery and Development (HRD) Director. “With the demolition of the old and rebuilding of the new, The Salvation Army will begin a new era in serving the people of Haiti.”

While school is closed during the Carnaval holiday, crews will tear down buildings closest to the temporary classrooms, clinic and school administration. Demolition of this area will be finished and security walls built before students return to class on Monday, March 14. Crews will then demolish the old Divisional Headquarters.

Demolition is the first step in rebuilding physical structures and equipping the Army to better serve the Port-au-prince community.  When completed, the compound will house a new College Verena with buildings for kindergarten, primary and secondary school children, school administration buildings, a new primary healthcare clinic, an integrated family support service building and a corps building that will seat 3,000.

Give at www.SalArmyDC.org.

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