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Meeting Emotional Needs From the Front Lines

May 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Tuscaloosa, AL, May 23, 2011 – In times of disaster, The Salvation Army is there not only to assist people nutritionally and physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.  To help with this aspect, the Army is always mindful to place a trained Emotional and Spiritual Care Specialist (ESCS) at every canteen location. The care specialist is there to listen or offer prayer and emotional support not only to men and women, moms and dads, but to children as well.

A mother with her three sons approached the canteen. All were in need of a good healthy lunch and, at that moment, some reassurance that everything would be okay. As the family was being served lunch, the Care Specialist noticed fear in the face of the youngest boy. After seeking and receiving the mother’s permission to speak with the child, the counselor said to him, “You look scared.”

The 5-year-old responded that is was. Our ESCS could definitely tell he was scared.  

So, she said to him, “Do you want to tell me what happened when the storm came?”

He responded, “Yeah, when the storm came it got dark and right then, the vampires came down from the sky and took a bite outta my house!”

The Salvation Army counselor said to him, “Well, we’ve been praying all the vampires away, so they can’t take a bite out of your house again…will that be better?”

The boy responded, “Wow! Thank you! Finally, now I can sleep.” The child’s mother confirmed her son had barely slept through the night since the violent storms decimated parts of Tuscaloosa, AL.

Before this disastrous act nature occurred in Alabama, The Salvation Army was there meeting the needs of the people in the community. Since the storm hit, we remain steadfast to assisting and serving storm survivors, first responders and anyone else in need of emotional, spiritual, nutritional or personal support.

The Salvation Army is on the front lines of effort to assist people not only in Alabama, but anywhere disaster strikes.

* * *

Major Steve Morris was deployed to Tuscaloosa, AL, to assume the role of Incident Commander for the Salvation Army’s response to the string of tornadoes which touch down in late April. He arrived May 17 and will be there for as long as he is needed. Please continue to pray for the residents and families affected by this tragedy. To make a monetary donation, please click on